Building on a rich heritage in lighting that dates back to the 1930s, USAI Lighting is an industry leader in manufacturing sophisticated lighting fixtures that utilize a variety of sources, including LED, compact fluorescent, metal halide, and low- voltage halogen. USAI Lighting has received numerous patents for our proprietary and unique electrical and mechanical product technologies. Each new product the company introduces to the architectural lighting market pushes the boundaries of what’s possible in illumination. This forward-thinking approach to product development has resulted in a stream of industry firsts and awards. Based in New York’s Hudson Valley – home of Thomas Edison’s first electric generating station – USAI Lighting is still owned and operated by the Littman family. We continue to draw upon the same creative intuition that inspired our founder, inventor William Littman, who built the first fluorescent light fixtures for GE which were designed for mainstream American architecture. These were introduced at the 1939 World’s Fair. William’s son Eugene, a lifelong innovator in his own right, was an early proponent of the energy efficient lighting technologies that hold so much promise for the architectural lighting industry today. Now a third generation of Littmans have taken up the mantle by committing USAI Lighting to the advancement of LEDs (light emitting diode), or solid state lighting (SSL), and other energy-saving lighting technologies. At USAI Lighting, we believe that in order to fully realize the potential of these energy-efficient sources, our LED products need to perform to an even higher standard than their traditional predecessors. Therefore, every LED product in our portfolio not only delivers optimum performance, but also beautiful, consistent color and precise optics in the smallest possible apertures – without compromise.