Why did we start Hamptons Lighting Design?

Hamptons Lighting Design began as a way to streamline and create a hassle-free lighting design experience for our clients. We’ve simplified the entire lighting design process by coordinating all the contractors necessary, removing the need for the homeowner to be in contact with multiple providers and keeping everyone involved with the design seamlessly working together. We’ve eliminated the communication breakdowns that can occur with too many cooks in the kitchen, so we can avoid the need for painful fixes caused by miscommunication. At Hamptons Lighting Design, we take care of everything, so you don’t have to.


The result...a lighting system that allows you to feel, see, and experience every space in your home to the fullest.


Your home should be your haven, but poor lighting can contribute to poor health, lack of productivity and more – but lighting design doesn’t have to be intimidating. HLD is here to help avoid the common mistakes others have made and eliminate the problems a poor lighting system can create.

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the problem

Lighting design is often overlooked and is an afterthought during the home building process. A light is just a light, right?



the consequence

When the importance of lighting design is missed, homeowners end up with many issues to deal with. Rooms that are dull, uninviting, and don’t function as expected. Lights buzz or flicker. Lighting fixtures detract from the overall beauty of the home.



the solution

Lighting design can be intimidating and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ll guide you through the entire process as well as coordinating the entire project, taking away the headaches and the hassles and leaving you to enjoy your dream home.


Getting Started Is Easy


1. Meet

Your consultation is free and no obligation. Schedule yours today so we can understand your project and show you how we can help.

2. Design

We’ll design your lighting system to ensure you have the right light in every space of your home. We’ll provide you with simple to understand, good, better, best options so you can choose the right system to meet your needs and budget.


HLD pays attention. If your perfect lighting design needs tweaks and changes during the installation, we’re there to manage and refine your lighting system as necessary – no hassles for you, and no arguments from us. 

4. Enjoy

Relax and enjoy the comfort, functionality, luxury and style of your brand-new lighting and fixtures, expertly and flawlessly combined.