How We Can Help You


Hamptons Lighting Design is your one-stop source for a completely coordinated lighting design experience. Let us handle the headaches and hassle of dealing with multiple contractors. We’ll monitor your entire project and coordinate every element, from the design, to the fixture (or Luminaire) specification to the lighting controls, to the final hand-off, so you never have to worry about any aspect of the project. Let us do the hard work so you can simply relax and enjoy the luxury of your dream home.


Experience Every Space

Feel, see and experience every space in your home to the fullest.


Feel Safe, Secure & Healthy

Enjoy the safety, security, and health benefits of an effective lighting system


Enjoy Your Beautiful Home

Have a home with a flawless combination of functionality, beauty, and style




Interior Lighting Design

Interior lighting design is where we identify the most effective ways to light your home to create the aesthetics, drama, feel, and functionality you desire throughout your dream home.


Exterior Lighting Design

Landscape lighting enhances the beauty & functionality of your outdoor spaces. You won’t believe the tranformative effect that a properly designed system can have on your property.


Fixture Specification

Not all light is created equal. With lighting fixture specification, we’ll make sure every room in your home has the correct combination of lights to maximize comfort, functionality and style.

Lighting Controls

You’re smart. Your home should be, too. Lighting control systems offer convenience, safety, security and improved aesthetics. Replace unsightly banks of light switches with intuitive keypads that simplify your experience.


Common Lighting Mistakes You Absolutely Need to Know

Your home should be your haven. Studies show that the right lighting can actually contribute to increased alertness, productivity and concentration, improved mood, reduced hyperactivity, improved sleep and more – but poor lighting can have the opposite effect. Navigating all the technologies and options can be intimidating. Couple that with myriad of fixture types, color temperatures, beam spreads and more and it becomes clear that proper lighting requires the help of a professional. HLD is here to help avoid the common mistakes others have made and eliminate the problems a poor lighting design can create.

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Our Qualifications

We understand how stressful and overwhelming it is to build your dream home. You can rest assured that Hamptons Lighting Design has the experience to design the perfect lighting system for your home.

  • 50+ years of combined experience in the different aspects of lighting design

  • American Lighting Association (ALA) Member

  • Association of Outdoor Lighting Professional (AOLP) Member

  • ALA Certified Lighting SpecialistS

  • Lutron Homeworks QS & RadioRa2 Specialists

How We Make The Lighting Design Process A Breeze


1. Meet

Your consultation is free and no obligation. Schedule yours today so we can understand your project and show you how we can help.

2. Design

We’ll design your lighting system to ensure you have the right light in every space of your home. We’ll provide you with simple to understand, good, better, best options so you can choose the right system to meet your needs and budget.


HLD pays attention. If your perfect lighting design needs tweaks and changes during the installation, we’re there to manage and refine your lighting system as necessary – no hassles for you, and no arguments from us. 

4. Enjoy

Relax and enjoy the comfort, functionality, luxury and style of your brand-new lighting and fixtures, expertly and flawlessly combined.